• Be inspired by over 555 photos
  • Choose play scenarios from a wide range of suggestions
  • Enrich play with recycled materials and selected toys
  • Rely on the writer’s sound knowledge and experience
  • Read the clearly described learning outcomes

My intention in the series ‘Play is Child’s Work’ is to show how you can engage your child to enable her all round development.

The need to play is very strong in young children and your child learns and makes sense of the world as she plays.

For the purposes of these books, I have expanded the traditional meaning of play to include related activities and the routine and events of daily life.

Curious about everything, the unusual and the humdrum, your child delights in both planned and spontaneous experiences.

Taking opportunities as they arise, planning and provisioning play and activities is enjoyable. Suggestions in the books are there to be used directly, also to stimulate lateral thought so you take advantage of materials and situations unique to you.

Simply make the most of this delightful stage before she enters the more formal environs of school. Dip in and enjoy the books at random or use them as curriculum material for these valuable early years.

I use the words ‘your child’ throughout the books instead of ‘the child’ because it is friendlier, more personal and can be applied equally well to parent and practitioner.

I hope you find what is offered truly inspirational, whether you choose to use these pages as curriculum material or for dipping in, perhaps via the index, and trying ideas at random.

sample images from Book 1 – click on image to enlarge

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Play is Child's Work


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3 Personal Qualities

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Play is Child's Work


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Play is Child's Work


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