Recycle Materials for Construction Play – part 2

recycle materials for construction play – part 2 towers


A rather bland tower I built, too upright and symmetrical, your child’s would be much more interesting. This one attempts to be a robot.

Other tower style constructions:

rocket – silvery additions,

city high rise – window pattern,

moon buggy or oilrig – add feet

Each tower unique.


Your child could start by building a simple tower, as high as she can possibly make it without it falling over.

As she places the containers on top of each other she discovers which ones wobble causing the structure to falter and collapse and which are more stable while also adding height.

When she is satisfied with her tower she can glue it together and decorate the sides with junk oddments.

Encourage her to use the tower as a focus for imaginative play; she races cars around it, she scales it with play figures, and even builds extensions with her blocks.


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