Recycle Materials for Construction Play


recycle materials for construction play

The soft toys have just enough room, to fit in the boxcar, behind the windscreen and steering wheel.

Round cheese box wheels are fixed loosely to the body with paper fasteners, so they can revolve; bonnet and boot are colourful food trays.

Your child can push her car along or attach a length of string for a younger sibling, under your supervision, to use as a pull along toy.



large cardboard boxes,

sheets of cardboard,

egg boxes,

clean plastic food trays,

foil and cling film inner tubes,

chocolate box dividers,

circular cheese boxes,


bottle tops and so on.


With your assistance she can join the elements of her structure together using

brown tape (easy to tear),

PVA glue (sticks plastic as well as card),

blue tac (a quick fixative),

paper fasteners (allows wheels to revolve)


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